Homemade Soups ~ Tomato Basil & Soup of The Day
                                        Cup $3.79     Bowl $4.79       

The Chocolate Angel Salad Sampler        
Your choice of THREE Salads:
Homemade chicken or tuna salad, pasta salad, 
 broccoli-raisin salad, Nana’s strawberry-pretzel salad, 
pink arctic freeze, house salad, spinach salad, 
seasonal fruit cup…served with a scone


Fiesta Cobb Salad                                             
A palate of color…turkey, tomatoes, cheese, corn, eggs, 
bacon, avocado & sunflower seeds arranged on a canvas of 
fresh mixed greens & served with choice of dressing  $9.79

“Bless Your Heart” Tuna or Chicken Salad      
Served on a bed of lettuce garnished with carrots, celery, 
cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sliced egg & low fat Ranch dressing 

Bradbury Chopped Salad – Named for our friends at Bradbury Lane   
Chopped greens, chopped chicken breast, Granny Smith apples 
with “crunchies” & served with our signature balsamic 
vinaigrette $8.59

The Angel House Salad**                                    
Organic baby spring greens with Granny Smith apples, 
topped with “crunchies” & served with our signature balsamic vinaigrette  $5.49

Divine Spinach Salad**                                      
Tender spinach tossed with strawberries, red onions & 
blue cheese crumbles & glazed nuts, served with raspberry vinaigrette  $7.99

Caesar Salad**                                                  
Romaine lettuce tossed with Parmesan Cheese, served with 
croutons & creamy Caesar dressing  $6.99

Sunshine Salad**                                                
Mixed greens served with turkey - sprinkled with dried cranberries, glazed nuts & champagne citrus vinaigrette  $8.79

    **Add a marinated grilled chicken breast for $2.99

Quiche of the Day ~ served with house salad & fresh fruit

The Angel Duet – choice of TWO   $7.29                       
The Angel Trio – choice of THREE   $9.59

Cup of Soup
House Salad
Spinach Salad
Broccoli-Raisin Salad
Pasta Salad
Strawberry-Pretzel Salad
Pink Arctic Freeze
Fruit Cup
 ½ Turkey Sandwich
 ½ Chicken Salad Sandwich
 ½ Tuna Sandwich
 ½  Pimento Cheese Sandwich

The Sweet Deal
Angel Duet + Beverage + Dessert $11.29

The Chocolate Angel Tea Sampler      
Cucumber, pimento cheese & tuna finger sandwiches, 
cup of soup, fresh fruit & a scone
All sandwiches served with house salad & potato chips

Some Like It Hot ~ Voted one of Southern Living’s Best Recipes 2012!     
Old fashioned pimento cheese with toasted nuts, chopped candied jalapeños & bacon on sourdough bread, grilled & served with a side of strawberry jam  $7.99

Homemade Chicken Salad on Croissant          
Sprinkled with dried cranberries & toasted nuts  $7.49

Smoked Turkey on Orange-Cranberry Bread           
Generously spread with a blend of orange-cranberry chutney & cream cheese  $7.49

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese                                
We’ve been told that people have dreams about this sandwich!
Sourdough bread grilled with four cheeses & sprinkled with 
garlic salt  $6.99     *Add smoked bacon $1.25

Tuna Salad on Toasted Whole Wheat           
With lettuce, tomato & sliced egg  $7.49

Miss Mattie’s Pimento Cheese - “Just like our Grannie made!”
Served on whole wheat or sourdough bread  $6.79

Veggie Delight – not just for vegetarians!
On whole wheat bread, spread with cucumber-cream cheese, thinly sliced cucumber, red onion, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, grated carrots, cheese & sprinkled with sunflower seeds  $7.49     *Add avocado $.75

California “BLT” – a sandwich of great proportion!       
Smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo on toasted whole wheat with provolone cheese & avocado  $7.99     *Add turkey $1.50

Hot Roast Beef                                                 
On grilled sourdough bun with melted provolone cheese, grilled peppers, 
onions, lettuce, tomato & mayo  $9.49

Grilled Chicken Sandwich                                    
Tender marinated chicken breast, served with melted provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo on a grilled sourdough bun  $9.49

The Chocolate Angel “Croque Monsieur”                 
Thinly sliced Black Forest Ham with Swiss cheese on grilled 
sourdough & to tingle your taste buds, we add Dijon mustard, 
apple butter, sliced cucumber & apple  $8.99

Unflavored/Flavored Iced Tea, Soda, Bottled Water, Milk, Hot Tea, Coffee $1.99
Pot of Brewed Hot Tea   $3.50
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade   $2.59

Lunch Menu


Dine-In Party Plan

for Parties of 15 or more

Pre-Selected Menu

$19.99 per person

Includes your choice of ONE of the following:

Quiche of the Day

The Chocolate Angel Salad Sampler

The Chocolate Angel Tea Sampler

The Angel Trio

+ Beverage + Dessert + Tax + Gratuity

Think about it this way ~ “It’s like having a party in your home. As a hostess, you select ONE entrée from the menu and your guests will have their choice of beverage and dessert.”